We Bring The Museum To You!


DINOSAURS ROCK & Events was developed in the year 2000, by husband and wife team, Neil Brown & Leslie Freund, to provide expert educational and entertainment products and services to our customers and guests.
Neil brings a life-long passion for fossils and minerals which started at age 5, when he cracked open his first geode.

DINOSAURS ROCK mission is to share this experience of wonder. DINOSAURS ROCK conducts educational events in the NE, Mid-Atlantic states and CA and TX. The DINOSAURS ROCK SUPERSTORE is a natural extension, providing discerning clients nationally and worldwide, the best in educational and decor items (many exclusive!) related to dinosaurs, fossils, minerals, sea-life and general science. The company is in the unique position of testing its retail offerings at special events, prior to sharing them with long distance clientele. We serve both retail and wholesale clients.
At DINOSAURS ROCK, we appreciate nature in its rarest form, through scientific, hands-on exploration of our world from prehistoric times through today. Our goal is to always exceed client expectations in terms of product quality and service.

"The best program
of the summer"

Adri Turrell, Camp Director
Lindgren Camp, Closter, NJ

"It's cooler than the Museum of Natural History!"
Ethan D., Age 7
New York, NY

"This party was so creative and so exciting for all the kids. I was spellbound just watching it myself."
Teddi Krauthamer, Mom
Teaneck, NJ
"I've never seen such an unbelievable collection of real dinosaur fossils. It's a learning experience that really excites kids."
Michael Mooney, Geologist & Teacher
Hoboken, NJ Charter School
"You were great. All the kids and parents keep talking about what a great part we (you) had. I look forward to going to my next dinosaur party."
Bill Torsiglieri
Alpine, NJ