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These Dinosaur Replica Skulls were cast from original Museum Quality Fossils. Most are cast in sturdy resin and fiberglass, some in hydrostone. We place these Dinosaur Replica Skulls in Museums around the world.


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Coahuilaceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica Dinosaur Replicas - Centrosaur Skull T-REX Dinosaur Skull fossil replica
Coahuilaceratops Skull - 7 Ft Long - call for shipping cost Way cool Centrosaur dinosaur skull replica 3-D T-Rex Skull
Tyrannosaur Skull - Dinosaur Replica T-rex Dinosaur Skull fossil replica Tyrannosaur Skull Alioramus - Dinosaur Replica
30" Tyrannosaur skull fossil replica 24 x 37 x 14 inch Tyranasaur dinosaur fossil replica skull - 28"Lx9"W
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25"L x 16" T x 10.5"W baby T-rex skull fossil replica skull - call for shipping cost 20 x 30 x 10 inches Tarbosaur skull fossil replica - relative to mighty T-rex 25" x 33"x 43"
Dinosaur Skull Fossil Replica Zuniceratops skulll - Dinosaur Replica T-Rex Dinosaur Skull replica
22" long Fossil replica skull - 37"Lx25"W Awesome t-rex head