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REPROFTPRINSTGEO   "St. George" Dinosaur Footprint
dinoartpad   3D Dinosaurs Art Drawing Pad
NeckAgate   Agate Pendant Necklace w/ Silver plate accents - gift packaged
JEWELAgateSilver   Agate Pendants - set of 4 assorted colors- with silver plate bail and trim
dinoskulalioramus   Alioramus Skull - Dinosaur Replica
DINOREPROALLARM   Allosaurus Arm (Complete & Huge!!)
CLAWALLO   Allosaurus Dinosaur Claw - dinosaur replica
DINOREPROSKULALLO   Allosaurus Dinosaur Replica Skull
Clawallobone   Allosaurus Finger 1st Digit
CLAWALLOFNGR   Allosaurus Finger Dinosaur Claw Replica
AlloFoot   Allosaurus Foot on Base
Cystlagoon   Amazing Crystal Lagoon
Amb10   Amber (#10) with Insect Inclusions.
Amb2   Amber (#2) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb3   Amber (#3) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb4   Amber (#4) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb5   Amber (#5) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb6   Amber (#6) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb7   Amber (#7) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb8   Amber (#8) with Insect Inclusions.
Amb9   Amber (#9) with Insect Inclusions.
AmeTower8A   Amethyst & Blue Agate Tower #8A - ELITE grade
NeckAmethystPendant   Amethyst Chunk Necklace with Silver bail and chain
JEWELAMPENDANT   Amethyst Crystal Cluster Pendant with Silver-plate Bail - Gift Boxed!
AmeTower11A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #11A
AmeTower12A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #12A
AmeTower1A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #1A
AmeTower2A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #2A
AmeTower4A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #4A
AmeTower6A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #6A
AmeTower7A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #7A
AmeTower8   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #8 75 lbs! ELITE Grade
AmeTower9   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #9 - 90 lbs - 2 ft! ELITE Grade
AmeTower9A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #9A
AmeTower11   Amethyst Crystal Tower Specimen #11 - Giant 55 lbs!
AmeTower19   Amethyst Crystal Tower Specimen #19 - 28 lbs!
JewelAm1   Amethyst Designer Pendant Jewelry - gemstones set in Sterling Silver
NeckAM   Amethyst Point Necklace on Sturdy Black self-clasping cord
pendant-amet w gemstone   Amethyst Point Pendant with Gemstones
COASTP   Amethyst purple Dyed Sliced Agate Coasters - set of 4 - gift packaged
MinAmeth2   Amethyst Specimen
JewelryPendantAmmo   Ammonite Fossil Necklace 18" Silver Plate Chain - Gift Boxed!
BLKFSAMMON   Ammonites - Genuine Bulk Fossil Samples
ClawApato   Apatosaurus Hand Dinosaur Claw (GIANT) Replica
dinorepromdcaudvert   Apatosaurus Mid Caudal Vertebra
dinoskullarcheoceratops   Archeoceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica
PReSeaArmoredFish   Armored Fish Fossil Replica
jewelryarrowheadpend   Arrowhead Pendant - Wire wrapped
ARROWblack   ARROWHEADS - Real Black Obsidian - Set of 6 - 2"-3"
prehistseanothosaur   Articulated Nothosaur Fossil Replica
dinoskullaurora   Auroraceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica
Shell-AmphidromusButoti   Beautiful Amphidromus Butoti Seashell From the Waters of Indonesia - 10 Pack
AgateBlueBulk   Blue Lace Agate Bulk 1 lb
AgateBlueSingle   Blue Lace Agate Single Stone
prehistseabothrio   Bothriolepis Armored Fish Fossil Replica
MINIDBrace   Bracelet with 11 Mineral and gemstones - complete with ID chart
CAL1   Calcite Crystal Geode - 1 foot wide!
ClawCamara   Camarasaur Dinosaur Claw Fossil Replica
DINOREPROCARNO   Carnosaur Dinosaur Footprint
CentSkull   Cast Dinosaur Skull - Centrosaur
DINOREPROCERMAXILLA   Ceratosaurus maxilla
PendulumChakraAmeth   Chakra Amethyst Pendulum with Gemstones and Quartz Point - Gift packaged
pendantChakraBalance   Chakra Balancing Pendant - gift packaged
pendantChakraDance   Chakra Dancing Shiva Pendant - gift packaged
pendantfairy   Chakra Fairy Pendant - gift packaged
PendantChakraKundalini   Chakra Kundalini Pendant - in velvet pouch
PendulumChakraQuartz   Chakra Quartz Pendulum With Gemstones - gift packaged
pendantChakraquartz   Chakra Quartz Point Pendant With Gemstones - gift packaged
PendantChakraStar   Chakra Six Stone Star Pendant - in velvet pouch
PendantChakraSwirl   Chakra Swirl Pendant - Gift packaged
PendantChakraTree   Chakra Tree of Life Pendant - gift packaged.
DINOREPROSKULCHILO   Chilotherium Skull (Ice Age)
SkullChiloth   Chilotherium Skull - ICE AGE
NeckCitrinePendant   Citrine Point Necklace w/ silver plate chain - Gift packaged!
dinoskulcoahuila   Coahuilaceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica
RksCOAL   COAL Rock Samples
COASTBL   Cobalt Blue Sliced Agate Coasters - set of 4 - gift packaged
RksCONGLM   Conglomerate Rock Samples
DINOCoproliteLG   Coprolite - Fossil Dinosaur Poop - great gift!
DINOCoprolite   Coprolite - Fossilized dino "poop"
FossCoproLrg   Coprolite Genuine Fossilized Dinosaur "Poop"
KITMoldDino   Craft - Mold and Paint Dinosaur Kit
KITSealife   Craft - Mold and Paint Sea Life Kit
DinoPaintSet   Craft - Paint Your Own Wooden Dinosaur Art Kit
BLKFSCRI   Crinoid Stems (Genuine) Sample Fossils
KITMagicRock   Crystal Growing - Magic Rocks Kit
KITCRYSTALGRO   Crystal Growing Kit
CrystMining   Crystal Mining Kit
CrystSkull   Crystal Skull
GEODESplit1   Crystal-Filled Moroccan Geode #1 - opened 2 halves - 10" wide!
GEODESplit   Crystal-Filled Moroccan Geode - pre-cracked - 2 halves - 8"-10" wide
CUBSCTGEOCOMBO   Cub Scout Academics Geology COMBO Kit
CUBSCTGEOPINSNGL   Cub Scout Geology Academic Pin Kit (SINGLE KIT)
CUBSCTGEOBELTSNGL   Cub Scout Geology Belt Loop Kit (SINGLE KIT)
Shell-DeepWaterSeaUrchin   Deep Water Sea Urchin Specimen
ClawDein   Deinonychus Dinosaur Claw Fossil Replica
SkelDeinosuchus   Deinosuchus Skeleton Prehistoric Seas Fossil Replica
SkulDeinosuchus   Deinosuchus Skull dinosaur replica
dinoskuldiabeat   Diabloceratops eatoni Skull - Dinosaur Replica
DIGPLAYDINO   Dig and Play Dinosaur World - Excavation Kit
DIGPLAYEGYPT   Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb - Egypt Archaeology Dig - Excavation Kit
KitDinoBot   Dino Bot Dinosaur Kit
KITDINOVOLCANO   Dinosaur & Volcano Kit
PartSuplRubPlat   Dinosaur and Fossil Rubbing Plates - set of 12!
BulkFossdinobone   DINOSAUR BONE - Genuine - 1 pound
DinoBoneLRG   Dinosaur Bone - Large Genuine Fossil Specimen
ClawColl   Dinosaur Claw Collection - 6 piece GIft Set
DIGPANL   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panel - Dinosaur Parts
DIGPANLCHAS   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel - Chasmosaurus Skull
DIGPANLMIAFRONT   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel - Maiasaura Front
DIGPANLMIABACK   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panels - Maiasaura Back
JewelDino   Dinosaur Necklace
DinoAdentureSet   Dinosaur Toy Playset (50 pieces) - Discovery Expedition
DreamCatch   Dream Catcher
JEWELAgate   Drilled Agate Pendants - set of 3 - with faux suede cords
DINOREPROSKULDKBL   Duckbill Dinosaur Replica Skull
DugGeodeHuge   Dugway Geode - MASSIVE!!
SEALFEDUNKSKL   Dunkleosteus Skull
KITTrash   Earth Day! - Trash Robot Kit
KitSolarScience   Earth Day! Solar Science Kit - Green Science - 4M
TinCanRobot   Earth Day! Tin Can Robot Kit
DINOREPROSKULEDMON   Edmontosaurus Dinosaur Replica Skull
SEALFEEYRNS   Eryons (Lobster)
FossColl3   Exclusive DINOSAUR Lover Fossil Collection - 3 specimens - Great Gift!
FossColl7   Exclusive FOSSIL COLLECTION - 7 Specimens - Gift Packaged!
MinCollGiant   Exclusive Mineral Collection Gift Pack w/ bonus treasure chest and ID chart - 20+ pieces
ultexcav   Exclusive ULTRA FOSSIL & MINERAL EXCAVATION BLOCK - hundreds of REAL specimens!
pendquartztrdrp   Faceted Quartz Teardrop Pendant - Gift packaged
MINFAVOR   Favor - 12 Assorted Polished Stones in Velveteen Bag - Chakra
PARTSUPKEY   Favor - Acrylic Dinosaur Keychain - set of 12
PartySupColorRockBalls   Favor - Colorful Rock Balls - 1 dozen
PARTSUPFINGPUP   Favor - Dinosaur Finger Puppets
PARTSUPGLIDERS   Favor - Dinosaur Glider
PRTYSUPPUZZ3D   Favor - Dinosaur Party 3D Puzzle
PartSupThnkYu   Favor - Dinosaur Party Thank You Cards - 8 pack
PARTSUPTATOOS   Favor - Dinosaur Tattoos - set of 12
ExcavMini   Favor - Mini Dinosaur Excavation Kit
PARTSUPBOUNCBALL   Favor - ROCK Bouncing Balls
PARTSUPTOYDINO   Favor - Toy Dinosaurs
TreasurePyrite   Favor - Wooden Treasure Chest filled with Pyrite (Fool's Gold)
GftFlexTril   Flexicalymene Trilobite Fossil - Gift packaged
RksFlourite   Flourite Rock Samples
KITEARTHFlower   Flower Pressed Art Kit
FossAmmonite   Fossil Ammonite - Genuine
BLKFSCLM   Fossil Clam (Genuine) Sample Fossils
FossilMolds   Fossil Mold Kit - 6 life-size, reusable types - Great for classroom, camp or party use
FossPetWood1   Fossil Petrified Wood - Sequoia 1
BlkSHrkTeethLRG   Fossil Shark Teeth - Set of 4 - Lamna Obliqua LARGE
FOSSWORK   Fossilworks Fossil Replica Mold Kit - great classroom, camp, scout supply
ClawGallimArmbase   Gallimimus Dinosaur Arm with Base
DINOREPROSKULGAS   Gastonia Dinosaur Replica Skull (Ankylosaurus)
Ammonite 6   Genuine Ammonite - Morocco (representative photo)
Ammopair1   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair - Split & Polished - from Madagascar (1)
Ammopair10   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (10)
Ammopair11   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (11)
Ammopair12   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (12)
Ammopair13   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (13)
Ammopair3   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (3)
Ammopair4   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (4)
Ammopair5   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (5)
JewelryQuartzWoven   Genuine Clear Quartz Gemstone Bracelet - Woven
AmmonitePair   Genuine Fossil Ammonite Pair - Split & Polished - Gift Packaged
AmmoGon1   Genuine Fossil Goniatite Ammonite
AmmoGon2   Genuine Fossil Goniatite Ammonite (2)
AmmoGon3   Genuine Fossil Goniatite Ammonite (3)
trilopara2   Genuine Fossil Paradoxides Trilobite (2) - 1 1/2 Ft
FISH1   Genuine Knightia Fossil Fish Plate- #1
FISH3   Genuine Knightia Fossil Fish Plate- #3
MegTeeth   Genuine MEGALODON TEETH Fragment
MetNWA   Genuine NWA Meteorite
FossOrtho   Genuine Orthoceras Sea Squid Fossil in Matrix
TrilPhacops   Genuine Phacops Trilobite Fossil Plate
HAL4   Genuine Pink Halite (Salt) Crystal Specimen #4
HAL5   Genuine Pink Halite (Salt) Crystal Specimen #5
HAL6   Genuine Pink Halite (Salt) Crystal Specimen #6
HAL7   Genuine Pink Halite (Salt) Crystal Specimen #7
HAL8   Genuine Pink Halite (Salt) Crystal Specimen #8
HAL2   Genuine Pink Halite (Salt) Crystal Specimen- 2
PyriteCube2   Genuine Pyrite Cube in Matrix - from Spain
JewelryRoseWoven   Genuine Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet - Woven
SharkToothMatrix   Genuine Shark Tooth Fossil in Matrix
GftSpinoMed   Genuine Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth - Medium - Gift packaged
STAR2   Genuine Starfish Fossil from Morocco- #2
STAR4   Genuine Starfish Fossil from Morocco- #4
STAR5   Genuine Starfish Fossil from Morocco- #5
JewelryTigerEyeTumbled   Genuine Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet - Gift packaged
JewelryTigerEyeWoven   Genuine Tiger Eye Woven Gemstone Bracelet - Gift Boxed!
Tril5   Genuine Trilobite (Cornuproetus) Fossil
GeodeEm   Geode - Split - Dyed Emerald/Gold crystals - 2 matching pieces
GeodePink   Geode - Split - Dyed Fuschia Pink crystals - 2 matching pieces
Geode Dyed Purple   Geode - Split - 2 Perfect Matching Pieces -Dyed Deep Purple crystals inside
NeckGeo   Geode and Quartz Pendant Necklace w/ Silver accents - gift packaged
GeodeGift   Geode Gift Pack - Set of 3 - Purple, Fuschia and Natural - Exclusive!
Geode   Geodes (Genuine) - Break Your Own - 2"-4" wide!
GeodeSm   Geodes - Set of 6 Break Your Own - Crystal-filled - 2"-4" wide!

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