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COASTP   "Amethyst" purple dyed Sliced Agate Coasters - set of 4
FossColl3   "Dinosaur Lover" Fossil Collection - Real bone, poop & tooth!
SharkColl   "Shark Tooth Lover" 3 piece Collection
REPROFTPRINSTGEO   "St. George" Dinosaur Footprint
dinoartpad   3D Dinosaur Art Drawing Pad
NeckAgate   Agate Pendant Necklace w/ Silver plate accents - gift packaged
JEWELAgateSilver   Agate Pendants - set of 4 assorted colors- with silver plate bail and trim
dinoskulalioramus   Alioramus Skull - Dinosaur Replica
DINOREPROALLARM   Allosaurus Arm Replica (Complete & Huge!!)
CLAWALLO   Allosaurus Dinosaur Claw - dinosaur replica
DINOREPROSKULALLO   Allosaurus Dinosaur Fossil Replica Skull
CLAWALLOFNGR   Allosaurus Finger Dinosaur Claw Replica
Clawallobone   Allosaurus Finger Replica - 1st Digit
AlloFoot   Allosaurus Foot on Base
Amb10   Amber (#10) with Insect Inclusions.
Amb2   Amber (#2) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb4   Amber (#4) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb5   Amber (#5) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb6   Amber (#6) Fossil with Insect Inclusions.
Amb8   Amber (#8) with Insect Inclusions.
Amb9   Amber (#9) with Insect Inclusions
AmbRhg   Amber Discovery Kit - Polish Real Amber - 25 pcs
Amb2B   Amber Fossil with Insect Inclusions 2B
Amb3A   Amber Fossil with Insect Inclusions 3A
Amb3B   Amber Fossil with Insect Inclusions 3B
Amb4A   Amber Fossil with Insect Inclusions 4A
AmeTower8A   Amethyst & Blue Agate Tower #8A - ELITE grade
NeckAmethystPendant   Amethyst Chunk Necklace with Silver bail and chain
AmCandle1   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 1
AmCandle10   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 10
AmCandle11   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 11
AmCandle12   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 12
AmCandle13   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 13
AmCandle14   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 14
AmCandle15   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 15
AmCandle16   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 16
AmCandle17   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 17
AmCandle18   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 18
AmCandle2   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 2
AmCandle3   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 3
AmCandle4   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 4
AmCandle5   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 5
AmCandle6   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 6
AmCandle7   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 7
AmCandle8   Amethyst Crystal Candleholder 8
AmeTower4A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #4A
AmeTower51   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #51
AmeTower52   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #52
AmeTower53   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #53
AmeTower55   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #55
AmeTower56   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #56
AmeTower6A   Amethyst Crystal Tower Cathedral #6A
AmeTower19   Amethyst Crystal Tower Specimen #19 - 28 lbs!
JEWELAMPENDANT   Amethyst CrystalPendant - Gift Boxed!
JewelAm1   Amethyst Designer Pendant Jewelry - gemstones set in Sterling Silver
PendChakraAm   Amethyst Point Chakra Pendant with Gemstones
NeckAM   Amethyst Point Necklace on Sturdy Black self-clasping cord
BLKMINAME   Amethyst Points (Genuine) - 1 pound
MinAmeth2   Amethyst Specimen
JewelryPendantAmmo   Ammonite Fossil Necklace 18" Silver Plate Chain - Gift Boxed!
BLKFSAMMON   Ammonites - Genuine Bulk Fossils - 1 lb
DINOREPROAPATOFMR   Apatosaurus Femur Cast Replica
ClawApato   Apatosaurus Hand Dinosaur Claw Replica
dinorepromdcaudvert   Apatosaurus Mid Caudal Vertebra Fossil Replica
BLKGEMAQUA   Aquamarine Gemstones - by the pound
dinoskullarcheoceratops   Archeoceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica
PReSeaArmoredFish   Armored Fish Fossil Replica
jewelryarrowheadpend   Arrowhead Pendant - Wire wrapped
ARROWblack   ARROWHEADS - Real Black Obsidian - Set of 6 - 2"-3"
prehistseanothosaur   Articulated Nothosaur Fossil Replica
dinoskullaurora   Auroraceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica
Shell-AmphidromusButoti   Beautiful Amphidromus Butoti Seashell From the Waters of Indonesia - 10 Pack
PETWoodA   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen A - 7 5/8" wide
PETWoodB   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen B - 6 3/8" wide
PETWoodC   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen C - 8 5/8" wide
PETWoodD   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen D - 9" wide
PETWoodE   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen E - 9 1/4" wide
PETWoodF   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen F - 9 1/4" wide
PETWoodG   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen G - 6 7/8" wide
PETWoodH   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen H - 6 7/8" wide
PETWoodI   Beautiful Petrified Wood Fossil Specimen I - 7 3/8" wide
BulkMinCalciteBlue   Blue Calcite - by the pound
AgateBlueBulk   Blue Lace Agate Bulk - 1 lb
AgateBlueSingle   Blue Lace Agate Single Stone
prehistseabothrio   Bothriolepis Armored Fish Fossil Replica
MINIDBrace   Bracelet with 11 Mineral and gemstones - complete with ID chart
ClawCamara   Camarasaur Dinosaur Claw Fossil Replica
CentSkull   Cast Dinosaur Skull - Centrosaur
DINOREPROCERMAXILLA   Ceratosaurus maxilla dinosaur replica
PendAmeth   Chakra Amethyst Pendulum with Gemstones - Gift packaged
pendantChakraBalance   Chakra Balancing Pendant - gift packaged
pendantChakraDance   Chakra Dancing Shiva Pendant - gift packaged
pendantfairy   Chakra Fairy Pendant - gift packaged
PendantChakraKundalini   Chakra Kundalini Pendant - in velvet pouch
PendulumChakraQuartz   Chakra Quartz Pendulum With Gemstones - gift packaged
pendantChakraquartz   Chakra Quartz Point Pendant With Gemstones - gift packaged
PendantChakraStar   Chakra Six Stone Star Pendant - in velvet pouch
PendantChakraSwirl   Chakra Swirl Pendant - Gift packaged
PendantChakraTree   Chakra Tree of Life Pendant - gift packaged.
DINOREPROSKULCHILO   Chilotherium Skull (Ice Age) Fossil Replica
SkullChiloth   Chilotherium Skull - ICE AGE
BLKMINCIT   Citrine Bulk Minerals - 1 pound
NeckCitrinePendant   Citrine Point Necklace w/ silver plate chain - Gift packaged!
dinoskulcoahuila   Coahuilaceratops Skull - Dinosaur Replica
RksCOAL   COAL Rock Samples
COASTBL   Cobalt Blue Sliced Agate Coasters - set of 4
DinoskeletonCoelo   Coelophysis Dinosaur Skeleton Wall Hanging
RksCONGLM   Conglomerate Rock Samples
DINOCoproliteLG   Coprolite - Real Fossil Dinosaur Poop - great gift!
DINOCoprolite   Coprolite - Real Fossilized dinosaur "poop"
FossCoproLrg   Coprolite Genuine Fossilized Dinosaur "Poop"
KITSealife   Craft - Mold and Paint Sea Life Kit
DinoPaintSet   Craft - Paint Your Own Wooden Dinosaur Art Kit
BLKFSCRI   Crinoid Stems (Genuine) Fossils by the pound
KITMagicRock   Crystal Growing - Magic Rocks Kit
KITCRYSTALGRO   Crystal Growing Kit
CrystMining   Crystal Mining Kit
CrystSkull   Crystal Skull - Real Quartz
Shell-DeepWaterSeaUrchin   Deep Water Sea Urchin Specimen
ClawDein   Deinonychus Dinosaur Claw Fossil Replica
SkelDeinosuchus   Deinosuchus Skeleton Prehistoric Seas Fossil Replica
SkulDeinosuchus   Deinosuchus Skull dinosaur replica
dinoskuldiabeat   Diabloceratops eatoni Skull - Dinosaur Replica
DIGPLAYDINO   Dig and Play Dinosaur World - Excavation Kit
DIGPLAYEGYPT   Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb Archaeology Dig Kit
PartSuplRubPlat   Dinosaur and Fossil Rubbing Plates - set of 12!
DinoBoneLRG   Dinosaur Bone - 20" Genuine Fossil Specimen
BulkFossdinobone   DINOSAUR BONE - Genuine - 1 pound
DinoBone1   Dinosaur Bone Fossil Specimen #1
DinoBone2   Dinosaur Bone Fossil Specimen #2
DinoBone3   Dinosaur Bone Fossil Specimen #3
DinoBone4   Dinosaur Bone Fossil Specimen #4
DinoBone5   Dinosaur Bone Fossil Specimen #5
DinoBone6   Dinosaur Bone Fossil Specimen #6
ClawColl   Dinosaur Claw Collection - 6 piece GIft Set
DIGPANL   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panel - Dinosaur Parts
DIGPANLCHAS   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel - Chasmosaurus Skull
DIGPANLMIABACK   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel - Maiasaura Back
DIGPANLMIAFRONT   Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel - Maiasaura Front
JewelDino   Dinosaur Necklace - marble
DinoAdentureSet   Dinosaur Toy Playset (50 pieces) - Discovery Expedition
DreamCatch   Dream Catcher
JEWELAgate   Drilled Agate Pendants - set of 3 - with faux suede cords
DINOREPROSKULDKBL   Duckbill Dinosaur Fossil Replica Skull
SEALFEDUNKSKL   Dunkleosteus Skull
KITTrash   Earth Day! - Trash Robot Kit
KitSolarScience   Earth Day! Solar Science Kit - Green Science - 4M
TinCanRobot   Earth Day! Tin Can Robot Kit
DINOREPROSKULEDMON   Edmontosaurus Dinosaur Fossil Replica Skull
BLKGEMEMRLD   Emerald Gemstones - 1 pound
SEALFEEYRNS   Eryons (Lobster)
FossColl7   Exclusive Fossil Collection - 7 Specimens - Great gift!
UltraExcav   Extreme Fossil & Mineral Excavation - Hundreds of REAL specimens!
pendquartztrdrp   Faceted Quartz Teardrop Pendant - Gift packaged
MINFAVOR   Favor - 12 Polished Stones in Velveteen Bag
PARTSUPKEY   Favor - Acrylic Dinosaur Keychain - set of 12
PartySupColorBalls   Favor - Colorful Rock Balls - 1 dozen
PARTSUPMILDOLBILL   Favor - Dinosaur "Million Dollar" Bills - 20
PARTSUPFINGPUP   Favor - Dinosaur Finger Puppets - 12
PARTSUPGLIDERS   Favor - Dinosaur Glider - 12
PRTYSUPPUZZ3D   Favor - Dinosaur Party 3D Puzzle - 12
PARTSUPTATOOS   Favor - Dinosaur Tattoos - set of 12
PartSupThnkYu   Favor - Dinosaur Thank You Cards - 8
ExcavMini   Favor - Mini Dinosaur Excavation Kit - stocking stuffer!
PARTSUPBOUNCBALL   Favor - ROCK Bouncing Balls
PARTSUPTOYDINO   Favor - Toy Dinosaurs - set of 12
TreasureAgates   Favor - Wooden Treasure Chest filled with Brazilian Agates
TreasurePyrite   Favor - Wooden Treasure Chest filled with Pyrite (Fool's Gold)
GftFlexTril   Flexicalymene Trilobite Fossil
RksFlourite   Flourite Rock Samples
APartSuplyEXCAV   Fossil & Mineral Excavation Block - 200+ Real Specimens
FossAmmonite   Fossil Ammonite - Genuine
BLKFSCLM   Fossil Clam (Genuine) Fossils by the pound
FossilMolds   Fossil Mold Kit - Great for classroom, camp or party use
BlkSHrkTeethLRG   Fossil Shark Teeth - Set of 4 - Lamna Obliqua LARGE
ClawGallimArmbase   Gallimimus Dinosaur Arm with Base
DINOREPROSKULGAS   Gastonia Dinosaur Fossil Replica Skull (Ankylosaurus)
IDGemColl   Gemstone Collection
AMMO   Genuine Ammonite - Morocco (representative photo)
Ammopair10   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (10)
Ammopair11   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (11)
Ammopair13   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (13)
Ammopair3   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (3)
Ammopair5   Genuine Ammonite Fossil Pair: Split & Polished - from Madagascar (5)
JewelryQuartzWoven   Genuine Clear Quartz Gemstone Bracelet - Woven
AmmonitePair   Genuine Fossil Ammonite Pair - Split & Polished - Gift Packaged
AmmoGon1   Genuine Fossil Goniatite Ammonite
AmmoGon2   Genuine Fossil Goniatite Ammonite (2)
AmmoGon3   Genuine Fossil Goniatite Ammonite (3)
trilopara2   Genuine Fossil Paradoxides Trilobite (2) - 1 1/2
BulkFossMxPrem   Genuine Fossil Premium Mix - Super Saver Pack - 20 lb
BulkGemsMx   Genuine Gemstons & Mineral Mix -1 lb - Wide Variety!
FishSM   Genuine Knightia Alta Fossil Fish - photo is representative
FISH3   Genuine Knightia Fossil Fish Plate - #3
FISH1   Genuine Knightia Fossil Fish Plate- #1
MegTeeth   Genuine MEGALODON TEETH Fragment
BulkMineralMxPrem   Genuine Mineral and Gemstone Premium Mix - Super Saver Pack - 20 lb
MetNWA   Genuine NWA Meteorite
FossOrtho   Genuine Orthoceras Sea Squid Fossil in Matrix

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