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Fossil Dinosaur Bones - Fossil Bones - 4oz Gift bag - Dinosaur collectible - Gem Bones - Unique Gift- Healing gemstones

  • Fossil Dinosaur Bones - approx 1" to 1.5"/ each bone. You will receive 4 oz of fossil Dinosaur Bones in felt gift bag - approx 11 to 14 pcs depends on sizes.
  • Dinosaur bone is a beautiful fossil which is actually linked to the earth, because of this it is also known as the natural universe. It is ossified with the quartz charms which offer them along with a glassy appearance.
  • Dinosaur bone is a charm that is used for calming anxiety, tension, worries and excess emotions.
  • Dinosaur bone is like a cleansing agent to be ambiance which may dispel all the negative entities and attachments. In the physical terms, Dinosaur bone is used to the crystal healing for regulating body temperature, vigor, hearing, broken bones and paralysis.
  • Guaranteed 100% Authentic Dinosaur Fossils

This appealing fossil bone is a charm which has a magical pull which stables every bit of the owner's parts. - Dinosaur bones, a stone of Integrity which is quite wonderful for lowering anxiety and as a charm of self it mainly deals with the survival anxieties. It lines up the wearer with the truest sincerity which helps him to follow his heart confidently

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