VIRTUAL Dinosaur, Fossil, Mineral Class (covers 3 children) - Fossil & Mineral Hands-on Activities & Live Zoom Class and Museum "Tour"

Perfect for Home-Schoolers or small groups. Activity Supplies covers 3 children. Please e-mail us at DinosaursRock2@gmail.com to schedule and get more info.
  • Educational Entertainment 

  • FIVE (5) At Home Activity Supplies with REAL Fossil & Minerals

  • Live Zoom Class with Virtual Museum "tour" - choice of dates/times. Check out https://dinosaursrockprograms.com/dinosaurs-rock-school-assembly/                                                                                                                to see a short demo of how effective our Live Virtual shows are! 

  • Hours of X-TREME Learning & Fun

  • Only $299 per child


    1. REAL Fossil & Gemstone Excavation Dig Block with safe dig tools – 50+ REAL specimens
      (up to 3 people can work on it at once!) with link to On-Line Fossil & Mineral ID ChartClassify your fossils & minerals and learn about them in depth
    1. Three (3) Crack-Your-Own Crystal-filled Geodes
    2. Three (3) Make-Your-Own Shark Tooth Necklace Kits
    3. Three (3) Amber Discovery Kits – look for insect or plant inclusions
    4. BONUS Three (3) Grow-Your-Own Crystal Kits with “Popcorn Rock”
    5. BONUS On-Line Link to Make-Your-Own Dinosaur Diorama Instructions
    6. BONUS On-line Link to Fossil Learning Guide
    7. 30-MINUTE CLASS ON ZOOM with “virtual tour” of Museum-quality Specimens & Activity Instruction Demos. E-mail us to come up with a mutually convenient date/time for the Zoom class at DinosaursRock2@gmail.com. FREE SHIPPING - via USPS  PRIORITY or UPS 
Comes with Complete Instructions included if you can't make a Zoom class      

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