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Kidz Lab 3-Pack - Dinosaur Excavation Dig Kits

Triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaurus kits - you get all 3! Go on a simulated fossil dig - act like a real Jr. paleontologist. Comes with safe dig tools, complete instructions and educational dinosaur info Excavate plastic dinosaur skeleton pieces from the matrix Assemble the cool Triceratops, T-Rex (Tyrannasaurus Rex) and Stegosaurus dinosaurs Look for more fun facts about these spectacular beasts with these great dinosaur kits and challenge your friends with the KIDZ QUIZ - 10 sets of questions and answers included in these 4M Kidz Labs science kits! Learn to be a paleontologist as you excavate the skeletons of the gigantic dinosaurs, some of the favorite dinosaurs that ruled the Earth in prehistoric times. Free the dinosaur toys from the plaster blocks with the specially designed digging tool, then assemble the skeletons. Pose them and display them. It's so cool! This is a fun science project for the whole family. Collect all of them to create your own dinosaur kingdom. Ages 6+

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