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Magnet Science Kit

Perform fun magnet games and experiments, learn the science principles behind magnets! This Kit contains a super magnet set! Perform 10 fun experiments and games: Make a Super Power Horseshoe magnet or a Magnet Wand. Construct a Super Magnet Racer, a Yacht Compass or a Mysterious Dangler. Have great fun playing a Fishing Game or creating a Magnetic Sculpture, and so much more! Kit contains: * 2 Super Bar Magnets, * 2 Ring Magnets, * 1 Set Magnet Handle (Can be assembled into magnet wand or u-shaped magnet) * 1 Car/Boat Chassis, * 4 Wheels, * 1 Long Axle, * 1 Short Axle, * 1 Rod for Fishing Wand/ Yacht Mast, * 1 Fishing Wand Joint, * 2 Ring Magnet Joints, * Magnetic Fish, * Metal Screw Nuts, * 1 Roll of Thread, * Detailed Assembly and Game Instructions. Ages 8 and up. Not for children under 3 years of age: Small parts: Choking hazard

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