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Scout Geology Academic Pin Kit

Cub Scout Geology Academic Pin Kit (SINGLE KIT) - Enough plaster and sea shells to make several casts of fossils. A collection of 9 different rocks and minerals that illustrates the Moh's Hardness Scale for numbers 1 to 9 (#10 Diamond is not included). A Sample specimen each for Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks Rock and Mineral Specimens that you can group according to their physical properties with explanations of what each property means. i.e. color, texture, luster, hardness, or crystal. Pet rock specimens to create your very own "Pet Rock". You come up with a story about your own Pet Rock. A collection of 5 different really cool genuine fossils with identification cards. Bonus FREE "Popcorn Rock" which grows real crystals when you add this everyday product you have at your home. Bonus FREE info sheets on different types of volcanoes, 10 everyday products that contain or use rocks or minerals, and the difference between a stalactite and stalagmite in caves. MEETS ALL THE REQUIREMENTS TO EARN YOUR CUB SCOUT GEOLOGY ACADEMICS PIN

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