DINOSAURS ROCK Virtual Dino Expert Museum Class - 5 weeks - w/ Activity Supplies - Saturdays, 1pm starting 10/24


5 Weekly 1 hr Live Zoom Classes. 
Plus, hours and hours of additional fun and learning through
Activity Supplies with REAL specimens shipped to you
& D
ownloadable Learning Materials  

 Saturdays @ 1pm EST Oct 24-Nov 21
Ask about scheduling private group classes


We Bring The Museum To You -- Classes are highly interactive and delivered with an up-close view of giant Museum quality dinosaur and fossil specimens, visual demos, screen shares of course, lots of student Q&A.

You'll receive a giant box with:
- 73 pc T-Rex "Brick" Building Kit
- Giant 15" Printed Plush T-Rex 
- Huge Wooden Velociraptor Building Kit
- Set of 12 Toy Dino Skeletons
- 5.5" T-Rex Tooth Replica
- 3" Velociraptor Claw Replica
- Genuine Fossil Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth
- Genuine Meteorite from Outer Space
- 3+" Real Dinosaur Bone Specimen
- Real Dinosaur Eggshell Fragment
- Fun Dino Million Dollar BIll
- 6" T-Rex Building Wooden Craft
- Novelty Dinosaur Glider Kit
- Real Tektite specimen - formed by Meteorite Impact

PLUS...Hundreds of Downloadable Activity Learning Sheets send weekly with your Zoom Class Invitation

 Week 1: Fossils - Dinosaur Eggs, Dinosaur Footprints, How Fossils Form, Utah Fossil Dig & Dinosaur Teeth.  Start Dino Project – Instructions & work on real Fossil dig for Genuine Fossil Dinosaur Bones

Week 2: Dinosaur Anatomy - At the end of this unit you’ll be able to identify almost every bone in any dinosaurs body.  Impress your friends at the Museum with your new found knowledge.  You’ll get detailed info on skull parts as well from several different dinosaurs.  Construct your new Velociraptor Dinosaur Model.

Week 3: Dinosaur Defense - How did rival dinosaurs protect themselves?  All about claws, spikes, horns, sails, armour, head butting, speed & whip like tails. Detailed look at Protoceratops, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephelosaurus, and more.

Week 4: Dinosaur Classification -  Ornithischians, Saurischians, Sauropods, Theropods.  Big words?  Not for you after this session.  Detailed info on Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Brachiosaurus.  And yes – Dinosaur Coprolite in depth - dino poop!

Week 5: Swimming & Flying Reptiles - Mosasaurs, Icthyosaurs, Pliosaurs, Pteranodons, Pterodactyls, Quetzeolcoatles, Archeoptyrex and more!

Contact us at info@DinosaursRock.com or 845-368-3466 
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