Genuine Fossil Coprolite - Fossilized Dino"Poop" (Large)

  • Real Dinosaur Poop!
  • Coprolite - yes it is a genuine fossil!
  • Each piece is unique (photo is representative)
  • Measuring from 3"-5" x 3"-5". Sits upright.
  • Great classroom earth science resource or dinosaur gift or BEST gag gift ever!

This is a great educational gift or "gag" gift! Dinosaur droppings (coprolite) have proved equally crucial for modern-day scientists. Occasionally, archaeologists stumble across huge, well-preserved pieces of fossilized dinosaur dung—or “coprolites,” as they’re politely called. By examining these fossils in detail, researchers can figure out if they were created by plant-eating, meat-eating, or omnivorous dinosaurs—and they can sometimes even identify the type of animal or plant that the dinosaur ate a few hours (or a few days) before going Number 2.

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