DINOSAURS ROCK Advanced: 5-Week Virtual Class w/ DIY Activity Supplies - 5 Science Themes - Thursdays @ 3:45PM EST

Great multi-themed class and complement for those who've taken the 5-week Science Museum class. Complete with weekly 1 hour Zoom classes plus hours of additional fun & learning w/ giant box of Activity supplies shipped to you and downloadable learning sheets provided.
THURSDAYS @ 3:45PM starting Thursday October 22nd

e-mail us for private group or Pod classes & dates @ info@dinosaursrock.com
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We'll cover 5 science themes with many hands-on DIY activities,  on-line projects and real collectible specimens, that will inspire and educate your child far beyond your expectations.  Online Zoom instruction runs anywhere form 50 min to 1-1½  hrs.  All NEW classes & topics in case you were  enrolled in our 5-day Virtual Camp/Class.

At home projects add hours of fun & learning.

Weeks 1  -  Become A Dinosaur Expert!  Fossil Formation & Detailed Dinosaur Facts 

You get: 10 Highly Interactive Workbooks loaded with amazing projects, Stegosaurus Dinosaur Wooden Model To Build, A Large Genuine Ammonite Fossil. 

Week 2 - Rocks & Minerals: Plate Tectonics & Volcanoes Made Easy!
How Crystal Form.  Gems & Birthstones, Moh’s Hardness & Rocks Special Properties.  Detailed info on Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks.

You get:  2 Huge Learning Workbooks Book On GEOLOGY, ROCKS & MINERALS loaded with amazing projects for you to work on.  Make-Your-Own-Rock Type Chart, Beautiful Garnet Specimen, Make-Your-Own Moh’s Hardness Chart – 9 specimens except diamond are provided. 3 specimens each: Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks.  4 Fluorescent Rock Specimens.  Magnetic Rock Specimen & A Pyrite “GOLD” Mining Activity.

Week 3- Prehistoric Seas:  Deep dive into Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurs, Leopleuridon, Megalodon and other prehistoric sharks.  500 Million Year Old Trilobites!  Plus we’ll learn more about many different sharks that live today.

You Get 3 Giant Prehistoric Seas Clip art books & informational material to create your very own Prehistoric Seas Diorama – just like in a Museum.  You’ll make your very own Shell Fossil.  You’ll dig out a Real Fossil Mosasaur Tooth from rock just like a Paleontologust and you get a Real Fossil Lamna Obliqua Tooth Specimen (the pre-curser to the Megalodon Shark).  And, you’ll get a piece of 500 Million Year Old Trilobite to study.

Week 4 -  INSECT EXPLORATION:  Metamorphosis, Life-Cycles, Butterflies & Moths, Dragonflies, Beetles, Crickets & Grasshoppers, Termites, Ants, Bees & Wasps, Lady Bugs, Scorpions and much more.

You get 2 giant downloadable books to create your own INSECT Encyclopedia & Fact Sheets.  Fun Tumbling Insect.  

Week 5 - OUR SOLAR SYSTEM NASA & ROCKETS:  Planets that make up our solar system.  Incredible achievements by NASA.  What it’s like to wear a Space Suit.  Basic Rocketry Physics (Newton’s Laws Of Motion).  Model Rocketry as A Hobby.  Building a Rocket with helicopter & parachute recovery.

You get a giant downloadable book to create your very own Solar System Information Book.  You also get a Real Rocket that flies with helicopter and parachute recovery – how exciting!  

Only $299 Total For All 5-Weekly Classes - includes FREE SHIPPING!

Please e-mail us at info@DinosaursRock.com or call us at 845-368-3466
Thursdays @ 3:45PM starting Oct. 22nd  - OR scheduling private group, POD or PTA-organized classes at your convenience.

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