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Create your own Family Fun Nite with hands-on activities - each child will take home a great collection of fossils, minerals & crafts!

DINOSAURS ROCK PTA Activity Package covers 100 students and includes 4 Fantastic Activity stations with easy-to-follow instructions:
- DINOSAUR & FOSSIL ART BOOK - made with 12 different Dinosaurs & Fossil rubbing plates (6 of each) - you provide paper and peeled crayons
- Break-Your-Own Crystal-Filled GEODES (50 - 1/2 geode per student)- complete with easy-to-follow, safe instructions (requires adults supervision - kids “assist” in cracking - you provide rock hammer
- GENUINE FOSSIL DIG - Genuine Fossil & Mineral Mix to create your own dig - comes with at least THREE HUNDRED (300) REAL FOSSILS & MiNERALS  including fossil clams, ammonites, crinoid stems, shark teeth, plus a variety of polished Brazilian agates, amethyst, quartz & citrine - you provide Home Depot-type 3’x3’ mixing bins and sanitized play sand
- Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace-Making Kits - Students will love wearing home these easy to create necklaces - comes with black & pink cotton waxed cord, beads and pre-wired Genuine Fossil Shark Teeth
Price for 100 students - $595 (FREE SHIPPING)
If using as a school Fund-Raiser, consider a $10 per child fee (you’ll net $405!) per 100 kids!
This package is also great for Classroom use!

The DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil & Mineral School Shop  - a great addition to your existing store or consider for a stand-alone shopping opportunity:
Bulk Package Price per 25 of each item - $595 (FREE SHIPPING)
(We recommend pricing these items to double the cost for a $595 profit )
Items in this package include:
-25  Dinosaur Glider Kits
- 25 REAL Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth fragments (1/2”-1”), gift packaged in a velvet pouch
- 25 assorted sea-life gift packs (shark teeth, shark jaw, sea stars)
- 25 Genuine Selenite Carved Hearts, gift packaged in a velvet pouch
- Assortment of 10 colorful Brazilian agate stones, gift packaged in a velvet pouch
- 25 REAL Fossil Shark Tooth Necklaces - assorted
- Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)chunk or cube, gift packaged in a velvet pouch
- Mini “Fossil Dig” Excavation Kit (3”)

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