5-week Virtual Science Museum Class - 5 themes w/ Hands-On Activity Supplies - great for Learning Pods

5 weekly science themes - 1 hour Zoom class +
Giant box of activity supplies & projects for hours of additional learning -
REAL fossils, minerals, crafts and projects - delivered directly to you!
REGISTER NOW! Limited Space!

5 Saturdays @ 1pm EST starting Feb 13 thru Mar 13
And Private Group, Pod & PTA-organized Classes scheduled at your convenience
Call (917) 375-4248 or e-mail info@DinosaursRock.com

Week 1

  • Learn Amazing Facts about Dinosaurs.
  • See incredible specimens up close.
  • T-REX, Brachiosaurus, Raptors, Giant Footprints, Giant Dinosaur Eggs, Enormous Claws, Huge Teeth and more.
  • Dig for REAL Fossils from a custom-made Excavation Block including GENUINE FOSSIL DINOSAUR BONE to identify & keep for your own collection. 
  • Build a big dinosaur just like a Museum Curator.

Week 2

  • Did Dinosaurs ever swim?
  • Were sharks swimming the oceans when Dinosaurs were alive?
  • Was the Megalodon Shark bigger than a T-REX?
  • Learn Amazing Facts about the Ocean including SHARKS, Giant Crabs, & cool Prehistoric Sea Creatures that lived millions of years ago including the MEGALODON SHARK.
  • Dig for GENUINE Fossil Shark Teeth including a real "partial" Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth! 
  • Make your own 30 million year old REAL Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace.

Week 3

  • Did Volcanoes play a role in the extinction of Dinosaurs?  What did the earth look like 65 million to over 250 million years ago?  How is it that we find many similar dinosaur skeletons all around the globe?  Did dinosaurs take a plane to travel?
  • Learn really cool facts about 100 million year-old rocks, minerals and gemstones.
  • Dig for amazing crystals and gemstones like quartz, amethyst, citrine, golden pyrite, rubies and emeralds and lots more.
  • Break open a 100 million year old crystal filled geode that’s older than many dinosaurs.  
  • Make and erupt a fun volcano at home!

Week 4

  • Up close and personal with some of the coolest and nastiest looking insects you've ever seen.  Learn lots of cool fun prehistoric insect facts.
  • Work on an Amber Discovery Project with Genuine 30-Million Year Old AMBER Specimen to see if you can find a prehistoric Insect.
  • Create fun insect art with a rubbing plate get 2 toy insects to scare everyone with at dinner!

Week 5
Dinosaurs In Space, Meteorites & ROCKETS

  • How do we know that a giant Meteorite actually ended the reign of the dinosaurs?  Learn about different types of Meteorites and other mass extinctions.
  • Did Dinosaurs ever travel to space?  The answer might surprise you?
  • Build a fun ROCKET you can actually fly!
  • Great Intro To Physics
  • Learn from DISCOVERY CHANNELS 1st Place Winner in the Large, Dangerous Rocket Ship Competition.  See some incredible flights of GIANT rockets.
  • Learn about Meteorites as well as the first Dinosaur Skull In Outer Space and more!
Saturdays @ 1pm EASTERN TIME Feb. 13, 20, 27 & Mar. 6 & 13.  
$299 Includes Activity Supplies & FREE Shipping within the U.S.
Ask about International shipping 

Please contact us at info@dinosaursrock.com or (917) 375-4248 to
Ask About scheduling Private Group, Pod Classes 
PTA-organized fund-raiser classes



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