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DINOSAURS ROCK Superstore offers Replicas, Genuine Fossils & Minerals along with Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies and  Fossil Samples and Mineral Samples and Classroom Earth Science Supplies for Museums and Schools plus Gifts and Toys

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Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel - Maiasaura Front Triceratops Brow Horns (Double)
Our Price: $1,049.00
Our Price: $110.00
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Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panels can be used in your Museum, Camp, School, and even in Playgrounds.  Cast in very thick and strong resin and fiberglass, these Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panels will hold up in all weather and kid abuse.  Use this with Panel DIGPANLMIABACK for a full 8 Ft. wide Dig Site. Triceratops Brow Horns (Double).  This is a Dinosaur Replica or Dinosaur Reproduction.  Measures 22 x 21 inches.
Therizinosaur Dinosaur Claw Replica Mosasaur Skull Fossil Replica - Giant!
Our Price: $34.95
Our Price: $1,200.00
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Giant Therizinosaur dinosaur claw replica - 23" Mosasaur Skull Fossil Replica - 15" x 48" x 12"
Ceratosaurus maxilla Gallimimus Dinosaur Arm with Base
Our Price: $124.99
Our Price: $425.00
dinosaur replicas, dinosaur reproductions, ceratosaurus maxilla, dinosaur replica, dinosaur reproduction, dinosaur footprint, fossil replica, fossil reproduction, fossil replicas, fossil reproductions, fossils for kids, science fair project, dinosaur gift Gallimimus Dinosaur Arm with Base, dinosaur replica, dinosaur reproductions, dinosaur replicas, dinosaur reproductions, earth science resources, natural history museum supplies, earth science resource, fossil replica, fossil reproduction
Cool portion of the upper jaw of the Ceratosaurus, a large meater-eater... Gallimimus Arm Dinosaur Arm with base - 4" x 38" x 4"

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Our Price: $9.99
T-REX Tooth, Dinosaur Replica, dinosaur tooth
Our Price: $11.99
Cub Scout Academics Geology COMBO Kit
Our Price: $34.95
shark teeth bulk fossils, bulk fossils,
Our Price: $50.00
Our Price: $79.95

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dinosaur replica, apatosaurus femur
Our Price: $1,250.00

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