Bulk Fossils

Bulk Fossils - Fossil DINOSAUR BONE - Sold By the LB (Pound)

FREE SHIPPING! Bulk Fossil Dinosaur Bone Large (1st Grade Quality) - These specimens range in size from 3 inches to over 12 inches a pieces. The weight can range from 2-lbs to over 20-lbs for each bulk fossil dinosaur bone specimen. You can order this LARGE bulk fossil dinosaur bone directly from this website however we will most likely have to adjust the price and call you with the final cost once we pick your specimen. Best to let us know if you want several smaller bulk fossil dinosaur bone specimens or just 1 or 2 larger ones.

DINOSAUR BONE IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE COLLECTED OFF OF LAND THAT WE USED TO GET IT FROM ANYMORE.  We are allowed to sell what is in stock.  Afterwards there will be no more Dinosaur Bone available.

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