Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panel - Dinosaur Parts Replica

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Site Panel can be used in your Museum, Camp, School, and even in Playgrounds. Cast in very thick and strong resin and fiberglass, these Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panels will hold up in all weather and kid abuse. Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panel with Huge T-REX Maxilla and other dinosaur parts. This dino dig is easy to install and filled with dinosaur fossil replicas and fossil reproductions. This is a Dinosaur Replica or Dinosaur Reproduction.
A. T-Rex Maxilla
B. Albertosaurus Maxilla
C. Dinosaur Claws
D. Utahraptor Claw
E. Duckbill JawF. T-Rex Toe Claw *G. Cycad Stump *H. Duckbill Skull/Jaw
*I. Albertosaurus Toe

4' x 4'

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