Genuine Amber Specimen with Insect Inclusions - Originally $150, Now $99 (A16)

Imagine you're taking a walk in a forest millions of years ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now, let's say there's a tree in this forest, and one day, a little drop of sticky tree sap, like really thick tree sap, falls from the tree. It's like honey but way stickier!

Now, imagine a tiny bug, like a mosquito or a beetle, is flying around and gets trapped in that sticky sap. It's like getting stuck in a giant blob of glue! Poor little bug.

Now, as time passes, more and more sticky sap keeps dripping down from the tree, covering up the bug. Eventually, the sap hardens, like when glue dries up, and it turns into a hard, golden-brown material called amber. So, the bug gets trapped inside this hard amber, just like a bug stuck in a piece of candy!

Now, here's the cool part. Over millions and millions of years, the Earth changes. The forest where this happened might disappear, and the amber with the bug inside gets buried deep underground. And there it stays for a super long time, like a buried treasure!

Then, many years later, people like scientists find this buried amber. They carefully dig it up, and inside, they discover the bug! It's like finding a time capsule from millions of years ago, giving us a glimpse into what life was like back then.

So, that's how fossilized amber is created – it's like a time capsule made by sticky tree sap, preserving little bugs from a long, long time ago!

- Genuine Amber specimen
- Amber, also known as copal, is created when the resin from a tree becomes fossilized.
- This unique, one-of-a-kind specimen has multiple insect inclusions. These insects became trapped in what was once sticky tree sap that hardened over millions of years! 
- This genuine specimen makes for an amazing earth science resource or fossil gift for any collector.