Genuine Fossil Ammonite Pair - Split & Polished - Gift Packaged

Amazingly symmetrical -1 fossil ammonite pair from Morocco. Gift packaged in a velvet pouch. This genuine fossil ammonite was sliced and polished to create a fascinating, shiny specimen. Product varies from representative photos - each fossil has a unique snail-like design; size varies from 1"-2" in diameter. Great Fossil gift or earth science teacher resource. Moroccan Fossil Ammonite from the Devonian Period - 400+ millions years old. The extinct ammonite that decended from Nautiloids is an example of the remarkable symmetry often found in nature. Ammonites were Cephalopods sharing a common ancestor with the squid and octopus that appeared in the Devonian and disappeared with the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period.

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