Genuine Multi-Ammonite Fossil Collage Decorative Serving Platter - approx 5" wide

  • You will receive ONE GENUINE AMMONITE PLATE similar in size and quality to the pieces pictured.
  • SPECTACULAR fossil specimen composed of ammonites in gorgeous patterns.
  • UNIQUE GIFT for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom of fossil collectors and/or interior design décor aficionados.
  • Use in the kitchen as a large coaster, or as a cheese or charger plate. Hand wash only.
  • Size: approx 5" wide

Ammonites are the ancient equivalent to the modern-day chambered Nautilus. These sea faring squids built a chambered shell in which they would pump air into the empty chambers and float at different levels of the ocean in search of food. This unique ability to float at different depths of the ocean is what inspired Jules Vern (the famous science fiction writer) to call the first submarine the Nautilus. Ammonites lived approximately 400 million years ago.

Moroccan fossil ammonites from the Devonian Period - 400+ millions years old. The extinct ammonite that decended from Nautiloids is an example of the remarkable symmetry often found in nature. Ammonites were Cephalopods sharing a common ancestor with the squid and octopus that appeared in the Devonian and disappeared with the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period.

These ammonite plates are both spectacular interior design specimens and a fossil enthusiast's dream.

To enhance your dining room, add some prehistoric charm to any tabletop with this unique platter. Made from genuine ammonite fossils, this plate makes a striking backdrop for cheeses, appetizers, desserts, and more.

Photos are representative of the one specimen you will receive. Every plate is unique and specimens will vary in composition of ammonites and in color. Stand not included.

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