Crocodile Full Skeleton Fossil Replica - On Slab from the Jurassic - 7 ft x 29"

Crocodile Full Skeleton Replica On Slab -  from the Jurassic - Cast from the original fossil found in Holzmaden, Germany.  Amazing wall-hanging.

Measures 7 Ft Tall, 29 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches thick.  Weighs under 30-Lbs.  Looks unbelievable hanging on wall.  

Teleosaurus was a marine crocodile from the world-renown late Jurassic, black, oil-bearing shale or slate at Holzmaden, Germany. In the area around Holzmaden, slate was quarried for hundreds of years and is still quarried today up to 38 feet in depth. The slate is mainly used for floor slabsand table tops. Thousands of highly remarkable fossils have been found in the quarries. Many of the fossils are covered in golden pyrite. This is locality is referred to by geologists and paleontologists as a Lagerstatten because of the exceptional preservation of fossils and their diversity.

Late Jurassic
Posideona Shale
Holzmaden, Germany


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