Natural Ammonite Fossil - Medium

  • Genuine Ammonite fossil
  • Average size is between 3"-4" inches in length
  • Great gift for any fossil lover or collector
  • Wonderful classroom educational fossil

Ammonites are one of the most amazing fossils found. The sea reptile (AM uh byte, which means "coiled horn") was an air-breathing animal. This invertebrate creature looked somewhat like and is the ancestor or the octopus and the squid, except its body, was covered by a coiled chambered shell. Ammonites first appeared in the Permian Period, 250 million years ago and flourished throughout the Mesozoic Era. Many had ornate ribs and markings on the outsides of their shells. By the end of the Cretaceous Period, changes in geography had affected them and ammonites were completely wiped out.

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