Three Obsidian Replica Arrowheads - Hand carved1-2

These 3 Replica Arrowheads are made from Obsidian which is a type of natural glass. Its main component is quartz (SiO2); however , it has no crystal structure. It is formed when lava cools very quickly. Obsidian solidifies as a glass because i does not have enough time for crystals to form. Obsidian was very useful to primitive man and to the American Indian because it could be chipped and fractured in any direction, making it a perfect material to shape tools and weapon points. When arrowheads were made, jasper was a favorite material to use in regions where deposits existed. Picture is representative of the three specimens you will receive. Each arrowhead is unique and will vary in shape, size and appearance. No two arrowheads will be exactly alike. These are hand carved

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