Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Replica - Sculpture

This is a two-piece T-Rex Skull sculpture with the skull and lower jaws in 2 separate pieces - this allows the lower jaw to be adjusted when hung and angled for a wider or narrower opening. The back of the skull is flat with wire hangers on the back for easy wall hanging. The skull is life-size, measuring 4 feet long (51 inches long and 38+ inches wide depending on how the lower jaw is positioned) and it is 7" deep (extends 7" inches from the wall.)

While not as scientifically accurate as a cast replica, the quality and detail of this sculpture is excellent. In addition to its impressive appearance as an exhibit (or the ultimate conversation piece), this skull makes an excellent educational tool.

A full scale replica T. rex skull replica can cost $10k+. Despite its size, this item only weighs 15 lbs as it is made from high-grade lightweight resin.

Specs: Tyrannosaurus rex. Late Cretaceous (70 million years). North America.

Shipping cost is estimated - For accurate shipping cost, please e-mail dinosaursrock2@gmail.com with your location.

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