Haitian Solenodon Female Skull Replica

Haitian Solenodon Female Skull Replica

Solenodon paradoxus., The Haitian Solenodon is found exclusively on the island of Hispaniola. Although considerably larger, this species looks much like a shrew. Its head is large in proportion to its body and the rostrum is elongated. A defining characteristic of the solenodon is the os proboscis. This bone, located on the tip of the rostrum, supports its long cartilaginous snout. Haitian solenodons are insectivores, foraging for insects and other ground dwelling invertebrates.

*Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Insectivora: Soricomorpha FAMILY: Solenodontidae Origin: Hispaniola

*Skull Length:3.5in.

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