Indus River Dolphin Skull Replica

Indus River Dolphin Skull Replica

Platanista minor.,  The Indus river dolphin is native to a small region of the Indus river system of Pakistan. Although this species is somewhat smaller than the Ganges dolphin and possesses several unique skull characteristics, it is considered by some taxonomist as simply a subspecies of the Ganges dolphin. The Indus river dolphin feeds on a variety of fresh water fish, resulting in many fishing net entanglements. This, along with pollution and increased human activity has led to a severe decline in this species population. In 2001 a survey concluded only 1000 individuals remain.

Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Cetacea FAMILY: Platanistidae Origin: Pakistan

Skull Length: 36.8 cm (14.5 in)

*polyurethane replica

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