Malayan Flying Lemur Skull Replica

Malayan Flying Lemur Skull Replica

Galeopterus variegatus., The Malayan flying lemur, also called the Sunda flying lemur, is native to much of southeast Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Despite its name, the flying lemur is not a true lemur nor does it actually fly. Instead, this gliding mammal belongs to a unique order called Dermoptera, containing only two species, The Malayan and the Philippine flying lemurs. Colugos have highly distinctive incisor teeth; they are comb-like in shape, with up to twenty tines on each tooth. The second upper incisors have two roots, another unique feature among mammals. Other Names: Colugo

*Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Dermoptera FAMILY: Cynocephalidae

*Skull Length: (2.9 in)

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