by Leslie Freund December 01, 2016


They say the holiday season is the greatest time of year, but who are we kidding? It’s also one of the most stressful times of year. The shopping malls are packed with people pushing and shoving just to get their kids the latest and greatest toys, and it can put a serious damper on your holiday spirit.

But, what if we were to tell you that you didn’t have to tackle the overwhelming crowds just to give the little ones in your life the best presents ever? Well, you better believe it because all you have to do is shop online. Here are the latest and greatest gift ideas for kids that the adults will love just as much as the little ones because they're educational.


Each of the following gift ideas wrap education and entertainment into one. 


Gift ideas for the "Paleontology/Gemstone Mining" enthusiast

The only gift idea better than a toy dinosaur is a toy dinosaur that lets the child turn it into their very own. The EXCAVATION BLOCK is an educational and safe way to be on a REAL FOSSIL DIG!.

Chip and brush away using safe wooden brushes (6 per block provided).  Your kids will find these awesome, easy to use excavation blocks and uncover fossils such as REAL dinosaur bone, ammonites, sea squid (orthoceras), fossil clams, crinoid stems, sea urchins and shark teeth (even some Megalodon shark teeth, from the largest shark that every lived!

Plus awesome minerals such as REAL rough rubies, emeralds, amethyst crystals, citrine, quartz, glittery pyrite (fool's gold), variety of colorful Brazilian polished agates and more.

When using these for group events at schools, camps and parties, we use one block per 6 kids our DINOSAURS ROCK parties and school programs. Many customers set up stations and rotate kids through along with other activities such as Geode opening, shark tooth necklace-making and making art from Dinosaur & Fossil Rubbing plates (other products all found in our Superstore).

Comes with tools and complete instructions. Note: No fancy packaging, just tons of real specimens (compare to packaged kits with just a few pieces in them!) to collect and enjoy. Each block is made from safe, sanitized playsand and plaster and of course fossils and minerals galore. The ultimate dinosaur gift or dinosaur party activity or dinosaur classroom resource! Hefty 12" x 4 1/2" x 3"


Gift ideas for the little scientist

Gift ideas, gift ideas for kids, educational toy, dinosaur

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a little scientist this holiday season, look no further than the Kitchen Science Kit. It’s packed with six different experiments that can be done with everyday materials, and every little boy or girl who has a knack for science will love finding this under their tree. Not only will they launch rockets, make invisible ink, generate electricity and much more, but this educational gift also teaches the principles of science.


Gift ideas for the dinosaur lover

Gift ideas, gift ideas for kids, educational toy, dinosaur

If you’re looking for gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs, you’ve come to the right place. We have a vast selection of dinosaur toys, and the Stuff A Dino is one of them. This is an awesome gift idea for little ones, as it lets them build their very own dinosaurs – three to be exact. Stuff A Dino is similar to Build a Bear, where you fill the dinosaurs with stuffing. Only the really unique thing that sets these apart from other options is that each kit comes with a genuine heart gemstone for each dinosaur to bring it to life.


Gift ideas for the mini archaeologist

Gift ideas, gift ideas for kids, educational toy, dinosaur

With a mini archaeologist on your buying list, it can be hard to find gift ideas that are age appropriate. After all, archaeology is a big word in itself and the entire industry is filled with just as many complex elements. However, the Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb Archaeology Dig Kit is the perfect gift idea that is also an excellent educational toy.  It appeals to the little ones who like to dig for hidden treasures. Once all of the treasures are found they can be used to play the game board that’s included.  This gift also comes with a digging tool and brush to help with the digging, as well as a dice and checkers to assist with the game. It’s a two-in-one toy that kids will love.


And that’s only a few of our educational toys that will make the perfect gifts this holiday season. Shop today and don’t forget to take a close look at our sale items.  Once you purchase, many of them come with a chance to get a second item at up to 50% off. So take advantage and snag some serious savings that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Leslie Freund
Leslie Freund