by Leslie Freund April 19, 2017

Before you get too excited about the possibility of owning a Genuine Fossil Mosasaur Jaw that appears on such places like eBay and other websites, here's what you need to know.


Mosasaur Jaws.

Look at the photo below to see what you typically see in most Fossil shops:

Notice how beautiful it is.  Do you think it came out of the ground this way?

Not a chance.  this is what I kindly like to call a DECORATOR PIECE.  As long as you know that this piece was made - then all is good.  but please don't think this is a Museum Specimen.

This one is MADE to look neat and clean. They are never found this way.  If you take this piece and place it in water it will break apart in 1000 pieces.  The only thing REAL on here are the teeth that were placed where you see them.  The jaw is made of crushed bone and glue.  The outer matrix is sand and glue.  Does this news bother you at all?

I'll show you in a moment what they looking like fresh out of the ground and cleaned.  but first, I was sneaky at a fossil show and got a photo behind a curtain from a Mosasaur Jaw seller from Morocco - here's what I saw:

Look at how many Mosasaur Jaws were available as well as fake alligator & turtle skulls!!

Now look below.  These are photographs of 2 REAL Mosasaur JAWS.  They don't look as neat and clean as the ones above.

Price points: the one photographed above sell for approximately $150.  Its a good price as long as you know what you are getting.  A decorator piece and thats it.  It's NOT a Museum fossil!

The ones below are priced at $900 and $2500 respectively and are 100% Genuine REAL Mosasaur Jaw Fossils:

Hope the above helped you choose what's right for you.  

To finish off - There is nothing wrong with buying a - what I call - a Decorator Piece - since the price is right and it looks nice.  But please don't be fooled when you are told its real.  The real ones cost a lot of money and not neatly put together.

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Leslie Freund
Leslie Freund