by Leslie Freund December 01, 2016

Archaeology, dinosaurs, gemstones, oh my.  If you’re into digging up the past, then you better stick around because the Dinosaur Rock Superstore has a whole lot to offer. But what, you ask?

With so many online stores selling party supplies, dinosaur birthday party themes, gift ideas and much more, you may be wondering what this superstore all about. You may even be a little curious to know why dinosaurs, archeology, fossils and gemstones are so popular today for such a wide range of ages. From toddlers to teens, parents and the elderly – everyone wants to get their hands on some sort of archeology. Today, we’re going to tell you why that is, and what you can expect from our Dinosaur Rock Superstore.

 Go On A Real Fossil Dig Right In Your Own Home!


Our toys are more than just entertainment

Party supplies, dinosaur theme, birthday party, gift ideas, educational toys

One of the greatest things you’ll realized about the Dinosaur Rock Superstore is that our collection of toys for kids aren’t just for entertainment. Being the self-proclaimed historians and archeologist that we are, we feel like kids are being lost in technology now-a-days, instead of being lost in adventure in the real world.

We wanted to make sure our gift ideas for kids were just as educational as they are fun. Sure, all of those game consoles you can find at the electronic store are cool but they don’t do anything more than provide entertainment. There’s no stimulation, only eye strain as kids peer heavily into the screen of doom.

So, it’s our mission to offer educational toys; the kind of toys that let kids learn as they play.


Our party supplies aren’t just décor

When you first look at our party supplies, you may think that they look like party supplies. However, look a little further and you’ll see that almost all of our party supplies Inflatable Dinosaur For Your Dinosaur Birthday Party
are more than just décor. Our party favors can be used as decorations and then turned into toys, and even our inflatable dinosaur can be played with post party.

It’s kind of silly to spend money on party supplies, only to throw them out after the candles are blown out. So, we wanted to make sure ours were versatile.


Our gift ideas make shopping quick and easy

Buying gifts can be hard. You ask a child what they want, and they say everything; you ask an adult what they want and they tell you that they don’t know. The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be with the Dinosaur Rock Superstore.

As long as you know the person has an appreciation for dinosaurs, archeology, fossils, science, gemstones or the world as a whole, you can find the perfect gift ideas right away. Just scan through our hand-selected collection of gift ideas, and shop away.


Our deals are amazing

You work hard for your money, and there’s nothing worse than feeling like your money Party supplies, dinosaur theme, birthday party, gift ideas, educational toysdisappears every time you swipe your plastic. So we wanted to make sure that we offer some deals for our dedicated customers. However, we don’t provide just any ole deal. We give you amazing deals - the kind that will leave your jaw on your ground as if a Brontosaurus is eating leaves out of your hand.

So, keep checking out our sales! Often times, when you purchase a sales item, you’ll receive a notification that you can receive another item for up to 50% off – and that’s one heck of a deal.

Lastly, when you shop at Dinosaur Rock Superstore, you can do so with confidence. We provide top of the line customer service, and are always willing to go the extra mile to help you find everything to need. So, whether you’re looking for party supplies, birthday theme games, gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Explore the world in an entirely new way with Dinosaur Rock Superstore.

Leslie Freund
Leslie Freund