by Leslie Freund December 01, 2016

Forget about the children trends popping up on the latest children’s network on television. If there's one thing all kids love, it’s the one thing that has been around for longer than our time. It’s all about dinosaurs.

However, with modern technology taking over the world and every child seemingly having every device possible, you may be wondering if the traditional route will keep their eyes off the screens throughout the birthday party.  Well have no fear because we have the secrets to hosting a roaring dinosaur birthday party that will keep the kids away from their consoles.


Party Greeter

Party supplies, dinosaur theme, birthday party, gift ideas

No one really wants to be the birthday party greet. After all, with all the fun dinosaur activities taking place, no one wants to miss out on the fun. So, swap out the balloons and party greeter for an inflatable dinosaur! Plop the big feller on the front lawn and everyone will know where the birthday party is.

You can also use several inflatable T-Rexs as party supplies. Station them around the festivities and there will be no confusion about the dinosaur theme.   The best part is that once the parties done, the inflatable dinosaurs will go from party supplies to educational toys. They’re only 43 inches high and perfect for post party playtime.


Dinosaur Soaring Games

Ready, set, soar! With a quick look at our collection of party supplies Party supplies, dinosaur theme, birthday party, gift ideasand gift ideas, you’ll see that we love items that are versatile. We like items that can serve as party decorations, while also being educational toys, which is why the Dinosaur Glider is a must have for a dinosaur theme birthday party.

First, you can set up a station for the kids to put together their Styrofoam dinosaurs.  Then, you can turn these party supplies into a game by lining all of the kids up on a starting line. Let the dinosaurs soar and the one that goes the farthest wins a dinosaur prize. It’s sure to be a hit at any birthday party.


Excavation Station

One of the biggest challenges hosting a dinosaur theme birthday party in today’s digital age is keeping the kids entertained. It won’t take much for have to feel enticed to reach in their pockets for their smartphone or Nintendo DS, tablet or iPod. So, you have to keep them engaged, and the Dinosaur Excavation Kit is the perfect way to do just that. It also encourages the kids to use their brain to play – something that isn’t very common today.

So set up a station and let the kids unearth 6 lost dinosaurs from a block of plaster. Just be sure to consider how many RSVPs you have for the birthday party to ensure you have enough excavation kits to keep all of the kids engaged and entertained.

The best part? Once the dinosaurs are discovered, the Excavation Kit turns into a board game, which will keep the kids roaring with laughter and fun for hours.


Arts, Crafts, Action

Every child is different. Some prefer to play with their Party supplies, dinosaur theme, birthday party, gift ideasimagination, others prefer to get dirty with an Excavation kit and others prefer to turn their creativity into a masterpiece. Ensure all kids are having a dinosaur-of-a-good-time by setting up a table for arts and crafts. Plus, what kid doesn’t love arts and crafts?

Some things you may want to include are the Dinosaur and Fossil rubbing plates. Children use these party supplies to create cool images of fossils! It’s a great activity that is educational and entertaining.  

There’s also Dinosaur tattoos for kids and gemstone crafts such as necklace making, which play off the archeology theme.

 So grab your little one’s toy dinosaurs and use them as party favours and party supplies. Once the roaring is ready to come to an end, don’t forget to hand out some Dinosaur Thank You party supplies to thank everyone for coming. Other than that, you’re ready to grab some dino-rageous gift ideas and party supplies that are perfect for the dinosaur birthday party theme.

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Leslie Freund
Leslie Freund